Stylish Chiffon

Our clients are getting ready for the holidays! This fully lined evening jacket was our dressmaker's favorite project this week.

The regal navy color and detailed sequin embellishments will perectly finish off an elegant gown. 


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  • Classic Tailoring for Business Menswear
    The suit is a vital element of a gentleman’s wardrobe—a quick glance at George Clooney will show you that. Not only are his jackets always impeccably fitted but they also emphasize his physical attributes and masculinity.

  • Bridal Attire and Custom Dressmaking
    The ceremonious bridal gown is the most important, most personal dress in a woman’s life. Every feature must dazzle. Taking advantage of the endless tailoring opportunities the wedding gown offers, we work closely with brides, to modify the form and style for a perfect fit.

    Whether you are a professional interior designer or working on a special home improvement project, we can help you create a home that is beautiful and functional.