Pants No Lining Lining
Shorten, plain hem 11.00 18.00
Shorten, cuff hem 18.00 23.00
Take in inseam, back part only 22.00 28.00
Take in inseam, front and back part + hemming 33.00 43.00
Slim waist and seat 19.00 23.00
Replacement of elastic 19.00–22.00
Close pockets 8.00
Cut out pockets 12.00
Replacement of lining 45.00
Zipper replacement (zipper included) 21.00
Shorten, plain hem 11.00
Shorten, original hem 18.00
Zipper replacement (zipper included) 21.00
Leather Chaps  
Shorten 21.00
Dress Shirts  
Shorten sleeves 27.00
Raise cuffs 20.00
Plain Knit Tops  
Shorten T-shirts, tank tops 11.00
Suit Jackets/Coats  
Slim shoulders 69.00
Lower collar 35.00
Shorten sleeves 27.00
Shorten sleeves (with slits and buttons) 35.00
Skirts, Dresses, Blouses, Sweaters
Because of the wide range of unique styles and structures, the prices for tailoring skirts, dresses, blouses, and sweaters vary. Please contact us for a quote.
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