Bridal & Custom Dresses

The ceremonious bridal gown is the most important, most personal dress in a woman’s life. Every feature must dazzle. Taking advantage of the endless tailoring opportunities the wedding gown offers, we work closely with brides to modify the form and style for a perfect fit.

Bridal Services

Expert in custom dressmaking, we provide all tailoring services: shortening or lengthening the train, slimming or letting out the bodice, customizing the sleeves, reshaping elaborate beadwork and even modernizing and redesigning dresses entirely. Acquainted with the many complex components of wedding gowns, our team finds creative ways to work with different fabrics and solve intricate construction issues—using appliques to cover up holes from stitches in silk satin after the sides have been let out or adding decorative crinolines or satins to enlarge the size of a dress that has been previously altered and the like. We also make bustles, educating clients about many different styles and cautiously evaluating various factors of the dress for best design. For instance, a cathedral train or delicate fabric that tears easily—lace or silk organza—is harder to fasten securely and cannot be treated with a standard bustle. Drawing on an array of bustle styles and choices, we find imaginative ways to create bustles that are unique, practical and suited to the style and fabric of the gown—and flattering to you. From the simple One-Point Overbustle to the fancier Austrian or the Triple French Bustle, we fashion all kinds and are always open to new ideas. Our wedding gown specialists take great care in managing the many fine details of tailoring bridal gowns, continually pursuing an elegant, comfortable fit to make your dream dress come true. We also alter accessories like veils and bridal gloves, and embellish wedding gowns with jewelry, sequins and other decorations.

The cost and turn-around time of altering a wedding gown depend on the difficulty of the alterations. The level of complexity is primarily defined by the fabric and construction of the gown. For excessive restoration, one or more fittings will be required. Fairly simple alterations may be completed in one day upon request for a same-day service fee. Our hourly rate is $50.00 for all bridal tailoring services.

For clients aiming to significantly revise the style or fit of a dress, we recommend purchasing a gown larger rather than smaller in size. Additional fabric provides our tailors with more alteration options. We also ask brides to bring shoes, all undergarments and the veil to the initial fitting, as well as drawings or magazine clippings portraying the look they are seeking to achieve.

Likewise, we alter dresses for bridesmaids, flower girls and all formal evening wear, such as prom and pageant dresses.

Custom Dressmaking

In addition to tailoring, we provide couture services. The cardinal rule of dressing stylishly and looking glamorous is wearing garments that complement body type. For an exclusive custom look, we create personally fitted bridesmaid dresses, formal evening wear, prom and pageant dresses and any type of women’s made-to-order clothing. Our professional fashion designer crafts original patterns precisely customized to individual shape. She also manipulates advanced Vogue patterns or uses patterns and images brought by the client. The dressmaking process begins with a free consultation, where we take exhaustive measurements—accurate measurements are essential to ideal pattern drafting—and discuss the details of the design and the materials, and schedule a fitting. The number of fittings depends on the complexity of the dress. Simple garments requiring only one fitting can be completed in approximately three business days. With two fittings, clients can expect a finished product within six business days.

We always have a hand-crafted dress of the latest fashion available for purchase in our shop. Many hours go into choosing the style of the dress and carefully selecting fine fabrics and threads. Our talented dressmaker takes her time on every dress to create fully lined, immaculately fitted masterpieces. To see some of our current work and the styles that are currently on display, please visit our Instagram page.

We can also duplicate existing items. The imitation of simple garments—T-shirts and common dresses—does not require complete deconstruction of the original item. But to accurately copy, it is necessary to disassemble elaborate pieces of clothing.

Our hourly rate for custom dressmaking and clothes construction is $50.00 (we do not charge for fittings). No appointment necessary. Stop by for a free consult anytime.

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