Face Masks

We are making washable fabric face masks in our shop to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19

Public health experts say fabric face masks help limit the exposure of respiratory particles–especially if the mask is made with high-quality material and worn properly. Additionally, widespread use of fabric face masks will help keep the supply of N95 respirators reserved for healthcare professionals.

Our Masks


Our triple-layered masks are made out of 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends per CDC recommendations. They are double-stitched, washable, breathable and designed by our pattern-maker to custom fit the face more than most masks. We make them in a standard unisex size as well as in custom sizes and colors for adults and kids (over age 8) at no extra charge.


$12.00 each


Our pleated double-layered medical-style masks are made out of 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends per CDC recommendations. They are washable, breathable and come with a pocket in the back for a filter insert. They are made in a standard unisex size, as well as in custom sizes and colors for adults and kids of all ages at no extra charge. 


$7.00 each

Color choices & why fabric quality matters

All of our masks can be made in the colors pictured. We only use high thread-count cotton and cotton-polyester blends, which rank among the top best fabrics to use for face masks (according to Cambridge University researchers). Studies show certain fabrics offer more protection than others. After 13 homemade cloths were tested, “quilter’s cotton” was found to be the most effective at filtering small particles. Quilter’s cotton (cotton of 180 thread count and higher) can filter out 70 to 79% of small particles, including viruses (that’s better than surgical masks that filter out 65%). ⁣


Fabric studies were conducted by Scott Segal, chairman of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health in North Carolina, in partnership with Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

How to purchase

Please stop by our shop during regular business hours to pick up a mask if you need one as soon as possible. We are constantly sewing and have many on hand. Please contact Inessa at 916.247.4782  if you’d like to place an order for masks in custom colors or sizes or need a large amount in one color. Our turnaround time is no more than a day at this time. We can also mail the masks to your city. 

Please note our fabric face masks are considered hygienic items and are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


How to properly wear one

If you’re not wearing your mask properly, you might as well not be wearing it at all, say public health experts. Here are key tips they offer to ensure we’re getting the most protection from the medical-style fabric face mask:

1) Pleats should be facing down when you put it on (like in our photo below).

2) Mask should cover both mouth & nose generously.

3) Make sure mask does not come in contact with your body or your stuff (don’t let the inside of the mask touch your clothes, hair, forehead, chin, neck, hands, etc. And don’t rest it on your neck when you’re not wearing it on your face).

4) Make sure the mask is not too lose on your face.

5) Make sure you wash it every day.