Lyudmila Stratonov


With a professional degree in clothing design, Lyudmila began cultivating her flair for fashion at seventeen. Born and raised in Kishinev, Moldova, she became a devoted subscriber to Burda Moden, the popular German magazine for sewing enthusiasts. Using the publication’s array of patterns, she made clothes for herself. Fascinated by the latest vogue, she custom-made blouses, skirts and relatively simple dresses. This interest quickly became a preoccupation, and she was driven to take on larger, more challenging projects, advancing until she could construct a lined blazer and a long double-breasted coat. At one point she was determined to make a perfectly tailored suit. Burda Moden didn’t provide the level of instruction she needed, so she bought a suit from a thrift store, completely took it apart and studied all the elements. Within days, she had constructed herself a suit and had developed a lifelong clothing philosophy: “I’m not that rich to own cheap things.” She had learned that taking time to invest in quality clothes not only made wearing those pieces more enjoyable but also saved her from spending money for a better-looking blazer.


After finishing school, she took a part- time job working as a seamstress for a small business, sewing piecework orders while earning a degree in professional pattern-making and fashion design. At twenty years old, Lyudmila immigrated to the United States and was shortly hired at Old Country Tailor, where she has been providing exceptional tailoring for more than two decades.

With a strong fashion sense, a fierce attachment to her work and a love for elaborate, demanding projects, Lyudmila specializes in tailoring bridal gowns, formal evening wear and suits. Her intense desire to solve problems and please customers has made her an invaluable part of our team. She is always ready to take on any task a client brings through the doors. Lyudmila has a deep appreciation for the transformational power of tailoring, not only in the way that skilled hands can change the poor fit to the perfect fit but also in the way that wearing good clothes changes the way people see themselves—wearing quality clothing makes people feel comfortable, confident and professional. “A man looks and feels his best when his clothes fit so well he barely notices them,” she says. In her capable hands, our clients’ clothes are transformed and their expectations surpassed.