We provide a wide range of exceptional custom tailoring services and handle a variety of complicated and specialized tasks. Our expert tailors can reconstruct any piece of clothing, often completely disassembling an item and reworking the elements to attain a flawless fit. We work with clothing for men, women, and children as well as with bridal attire and formal wear. Professional tailoring of men’s suits is our hallmark. With sophisticated skill and adherence to the highest standards of quality, we restructure store-bought suits to specific measurements, creating a sharp look and exquisite fit. Our clients bring cocktail dresses, jacket suits for men, pant suits for men and women, a large assortment of designer jeans, slacks for men and women, and skirts of many different styles and textures. Many of our clients bring items to us previously altered at a local cleaners or an in-house tailoring service in department stores, requesting corrections to these alterations. We regularly work with leather as well, altering sizes, patching holes, replacing zippers, repairing leather bags and purses and working with motorcycle chaps. Our commercial-grade professional sewing machines recreate original stitches, and we always match the thread to the original color. When adjusting the length of any item, we reproduce the precise look of the hem unless specified otherwise by the customer. Some of our alterations and repairs are completed by hand, especially when the fabric is too delicate for machines. We also fix straps on backpacks and messenger bags and specialize in denim repair.

In addition to tailoring and repair work, we create items for home and furniture such as bedding, curtains and draperies, sofa and chair slipcovers and other home accessories requested by our clients. We also offer custom dressmaking for women’s fashions and custom-make costumes for Halloween, children’s school plays and ballet and theater performances. In addition, our shop provides simple upholstery work, such as replacing cushions on piano benches, bar stools and chairs

Classic Tailoring for Business Menswear

The suit is a vital element of a gentleman’s wardrobe—a quick glance at George Clooney will show you that. Not only are his jackets always impeccably fitted but they also emphasize his physical attributes and masculinity.


Bridal Attire & Custom Dressmaking

The ceremonious bridal gown is the most important, most personal dress in a woman’s life. Every feature must dazzle. Taking advantage of the endless tailoring opportunities the wedding gown offers, we work closely with brides to modify the form and style for a perfect fit.

Custom Home Décor & More

Whether you are a professional interior designer or working on a special home improvement project, we can help you create a home that is beautiful and functional.