Old Country Tailor is a pleasant experience from the moment you enter. It is not only clean, but warm and welcoming. A lovely vase of flowers and a bowl of delicious Russian chocolates are on the counter, and Vera Samusenko is always there to greet you with a smile. Whatever you bring in for alteration, she examines with utmost care. She also makes every aspect of the process clear. The result is superb workmanship. Every job is beautifully done, always finished on time, and always fairly priced. Vera is not only a superb tailor, she is the ultimate proprietor, completely professional, courteous and friendly. She also has a wonderful, hardworking staff. Old Country Tailor has my ultimate recommendation. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.

Georgia B. Larson

These tailors pay a lot of attention to detail, careful work that makes the garments usable for a long time.

JoAnn Anglin

I’m thrilled with the outcome of the suit! It has been a pleasure meeting Vera and she provides some of the best service I’ve seen in a long time. The customer service was excellent and everything was professionally done in a timely manner on short notice. Any other items that I need tailored, I will be coming back.

Neil McDaniel

Flexibility on rare rush items and great finished work.

Gail Shamberg

The first time I came in, I was shocked by Vera’s reasonable rates and suggested she raise them. This was ages ago. She never has. Vera has saved me on many occasions! Thank you Old Country Tailor.

Elisabeth Nunziato

Always done when promised, accommodating for emergencies.

Judith Livingston

Same day service for four pairs of hemming pants was very nice! Very friendly staff.

Chris Kane