Tailoring Business Menswear

The suit is a vital element of a gentleman’s wardrobe—a quick glance at George Clooney will show you that. Not only are his jackets always impeccably fitted but they also emphasize his physical attributes and masculinity.

When appropriately altered, any regular, off-the-rack suit can look posh. For any level of formality—from the modern corporate look to the black tie dress code—a man in a tailored suit never goes unnoticed.

We have a special flair for suits, determined to dress our men in class and comfort. Working with fabrics like merino, angora and linen, we offer complete tailoring services for all varieties of men’s suits—the American, the English and the Italian suit. We tailor jacket suits, blazers, overcoats, sport coats, tuxedos and all dress pants—pleated, flat front and wide leg slacks. From the common alteration of slimming the arms and body to complete reconstruction, the intricate refitting of the suit jacket is our specialty.

Every alteration order begins by learning our client’s vision of the perfect fit and carefully assessing the quality of the cut and style of jacket. We know that the secret to a flawless fit is in the details. We study every feature—single or double breasted, shoulder slope, lapels, type of pockets—to determine the best alteration options for you. We measure both legs when hemming pants, both arms when hemming sleeves and are quite particular about our stitches. A crucial aspect in tailoring the suit jacket is defining the ideal fit for your body type. We ensure a correct fit in your chest and shoulders (the hardest part to alter) for a clean, sharp look. We assist clients with every aspect of style, such as selecting the optimal length of a jacket or deciding how low the trouser cuffs should fall on the shoe. With an aptitude for proper jacket proportions and gentlemen’s measurements, we help you obtain a comfortable, polished fit and a signature look.

The cost and turn-around time of our services depend on the complexity of the alterations. Simple revisions such as shortening sleeves or adjusting the length of a jacket may be completed in a few days. Some alterations may require an extra fitting. We also ask that our clients bring shoes and a dress shirt for the initial fitting.